Privacy Policy

Key Port Kame Co.,Ltd. are aware of the personal information protection as an important social mission and responsibility in the company.

For the Company to build a user safe and secure environment and system that offers access to the Internet site "" to operate and provide, and will comply with the laws and regulations for the protection of personal information in this site.
At the same time, we will strive to carry out the following personal information protection policy.

Our Policy applies to all visitors, users, and others who access the Service ("Users").

1. Personal information

In the present site, address, name, telephone number and e-mail address, etc., it is called personal information information that can identify a specific individual.

2. Acquisition and use of personal information

In this site, the Company for the following purposes, it will be acquired and used by legal and fair means personal information.
・For service provision of the site.
・For the operation and management of this site.
・To make the necessary notifications, contact the user.
・For users of environmental improvement who can safely and securely use of this site.
・Since this site we want to send, send the guidance of such products and services to recommend.
・Because of this site, our services and the questionnaire collection.
・Survey data integrated on this site our services, for research and development.
・Other, for the purpose agreed between the user and the Company.
・For the purpose of accompanying the above items.

3. Management of personal information

Our company, unauthorized access to personal information, loss of personal information, damage, to prevent leakage and misuse.
The designated person responsible for personal information to our representative director, to securely manage personal information.

4. Provision and disclosure, suspension of use of personal information

Personal information you registered, with the exception of the following matters, not be provided to third parties.
・The request that has legal effect, if it is necessary to urgently disclosed.
・If the application of laws and regulations has been determined.
・If you want to ship such goods and gifts from suppliers that we entrust the business.
・If you need a transfer of business and business necessary for the operation of this site.

5. Outsourcing of personal information handling

You may want to provide only to the contractors are required personal information of the user within the scope of the purpose of use.
In this case, we present the Privacy Policy, and asked to do the same as our control.

6. Disclosure, correction, suspension of use of personal information

Our company, disclosure of personal information, if you are prompted to correct, add, delete and stop using the content, corresponds to this properly on it is confirmed to be the user himself.

7. Continuous improvement

We continuously review the handling and management and mechanisms for the protection of personal information, make the improvement.

8. Security

This site, in all of the pages that you register your personal information to customers, of encryption technology: we are using the (SSL Secure Sockets Layer). And SSL, by encrypting the communication between the browser of the Web server and the user refers to the technique of disabling the decryption by the eavesdropper.
For this reason, it is protected and privacy when you send personal information through the Internet from the customer. Please use it at ease.

9. Revision

This protection policy, it is assumed that it is possible to perform the revision of some or all without the user's consent at our discretion.
If the user is utilizing the present site after the revised this protection policy, it is assumed to have agreed to the revisions.
However, for the case to be significantly revised it will be announced on this site.

These Terms of Use are effective on May 1, 2015.